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Alcohol may be consumed from a certain age.
Story of the Raccoon Gin
The bear disease is spreading across the Metaverse
Degens abandon their pfp nfts because of bear disease matrialized in form of The poisoner. Scared projects leaders seeking help turn to the legendary Raccoon Alchemists. Known for preparing the best liquors, they embark on a quest in search of the rarest botanicals to prepare the finest gin that will save all degens.
a raccoon and a bear facing each other with furious expressions
Roadmap reveal soon
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The Cure
for you
About First Collection
469 Digital Collection of gin bottles
The first RG collection is NFT, thanks to which you will be able to experience the true taste of craft gin. And with it you get access to a range of utilities in the real world and Metaverse.
Being the first opens your way to the next exclusive gin collection and the upcoming pfp collection. This is not just an ordinary pass.
White label
Get ready to take your party to the next level with Raccoon Gin
Do you want to support your party with one and only web3 beverage: Raccoon Gin? We can white-label it for you. There is no degen party without RG!
What will you get
3 bottles of Raccoon Gin
-15% to our upcoming store
Airdrops & lottery
Special prizes with our partners including well-know pfps.
Gin guide
PDF gin guide with history and drink list, illustrated by our artist
Each new beverage released by our distillery will be tested by you
Ag 999 pure silver coin and guaranteed WL spot
Included pure silver coin with a guaranteed whitelist spot for next collection.
About Brand

We've birthed iconic brands like licensed Gin Ape in collaboration with Bored Ape Yacht Club, and our mission is clear: we're aiming to claim the top spot as the go-to alcohol brand in the Web3 universe.

The Shop

Order a legendary gin with your PFP, a different type of alcohol or fantastic gadgets!

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About NFT

We will tell you our story soon, but why all Raccoons say:

Salmon eat shit?

Production & History
Learn about the history of our distillery
Explore the land of 1000 lakes and find out where and how our gin is made.
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The Artist
The Artist
Arek Ziemowit
His artistic journey started when he was teenager and won multiple art competitions. When he grew up he worked in multiple marketing agencies to become freelancer once he discovered web3. Working on his own enabled him to grow artistically and creatively, and what’s the most important create RaccoonGin art.
Phase 1
First Collection: Craft Raccoon Gin
The first collection will be 469 NFTs connected to Craft Raccoon Gin from our distillery located in the land of 1001 Lakes. You are eligible to obtain three bottles of Raccoon Gin and one of them will contain a real Silver Coin, that will grant you WL for the phase 2.
Store Launch
Cooperation and online sales
Launching an online store with unique Raccoon Gin with the possibility of shipping to the farthest corners of the world and opening to B2B and B2C cooperation with conferences and other projects.
Phase 2
Second Collection: Exclusive Raccoon Gin
Another collection with incredible NFT and IRL utility. Each owner of this collection will be able to get a limited-edition Raccoon Gin that comes with a 24 carat gold coin and a spot for WL in our main PFP collection.
Phase 3
PFP Collection
You will be able to acquire one of Raccoon PFP NFTs. You will join our universe as a rightful Raccoon via a dedicated website and discord channels reserved for the holders. You will have access to our distillery and life events, online meetings, and courses.


Meet the guys behind Raccoon Distillery

Our team is created by Web3 lovers. Each of our team members is a specialist in his or her field.



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