The history of a distillery
We blend the best elements from Warmia and Masuria
the region of a thousand lakes. Natural ingredients, pure water, expert craftsmanship, and tried-and-true recipes that have been handed down through the generations. We are a long-standing business made up of connoisseurs of fine booze and admirers of the unadulterated. This all enables us to create such fantastic things for you.
The Masurian Alcohol Manufactory, which we have chosen from among many distilleries, is based in the historic brewery in Szczytno, founded in 1898, on the shores of the Domowe Duże Lake.
Passing quality audits and implementing IFS quality standards can be viewed as a great success given that the factory is housed in a historic brewery that is listed on the list of monuments of Warmia and Mazury.
Built at Lake Długi shoreline by the Daum family, leading brewers from Germany.
They used clean water and traditional knowledge to inform their production. (like Alexander Gordon). Because of our collaboration, we are able to provide you products of the highest caliber. The turbulent years of conflict, devastation, and rehabilitation did not destroy this brewery. The Brewery structure itself is now a rarity in Polish architecture. It was recorded in the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship's register of real estate monuments. (in 1996). Mazurska Manufaktura cultivates the creation of the highest-quality alcoholic beverages, including premium spirits, while respecting history and cultural heritage. Vodkas, liqueurs, and tinctures for seasoned aficionados are their "gem."
Szczytno, the geographic center of Warmia and Mazury, is home to the "JURAND" brewery.
It has been in operation since 1898 and was formerly known as the Castle Brewery in the country of a thousand lakes. It was built on the banks of Długi Lake and has withstood the traumatic years of wars, devastation, and restoration (some sources, mostly the older ones also call it Domowe Duże). The Brewery structure itself is now a rarity in Polish architecture. It was recorded in the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship's register of real estate monuments. (in 1996). Mazurska Manufaktura cultivates the creation of the highest-quality alcoholic beverages, including premium spirits, while respecting history and cultural heritage. For seasoned enthusiasts, our "gem" includes vodkas, liqueurs, and kraft tinctures.


1906 - 1941
The beginnings of the brewery

8,000 hl of beer were produced in the brewery's first year of operation. Fryderyk Daum, the founder, served as the leader of everyone. Only a few years later, in 1906, Daum gave control of the business to his son Walter, who ran the brewery and oversaw operations until 1941. He multiplied the production of beer, therefore it must be said that he was extremely successful in this regard. It is important to note that the Daum family had more breweries in addition to the one in Szczytno. Additionally, they were in charge of running a similar factory at Olsztyn, Biskupiec, and they also had a malt house in Malbork. Utilizing traditional recipes and handcrafted methods, Mazurska Manufaktura operates and manufactures alcohol. Due to the long-standing tradition that has been passed down from one generation to the next, you may now enjoy the finest alcoholic beverages created with natural ingredients and immaculate Masurian water.

1945 - 2016
History of the Brewery in the years

The Red Army's operations led to the destruction of the brewery and the dismantling of its machinery. In 1946, the facility, now known as the Brewery and held by the State Treasury, restarted operations. At that time, the annual production of beer was around 80,000 tons hl. When the Brewery added the name Jurand, became a sole proprietorship, and was later privatized in 1991, he made reference to similar outcomes. It should be remembered, nevertheless, that a cutting-edge bottling plant was erected there in the 1980s, enabling the manufacturing of a variety of beers, including dark, porter, caramel, and wheat. The brewery's goods were recognized in 1986 at the National Fair and were also exported.

The selling of the complete beer installation in 2001 was a crucial historical event in the operation of the modern Mazurska Manufaktura. At that time, Tarpan Fabryka Likierów Sp. z o.o., which specialized in the bottling of potent alcoholic beverages, controlled the Brewery. This, among other things, made it possible for the Brewery to operate as it does now. Interestingly, out of all the Warmian-Masurian Brewery from historical times, it is the only thing of this kind that has endured to the present day.

2018 - 2019
The contemporary history of the brewery

The current manager of Mazurska Manufaktura is the Gromek family, which, from the beginning of the takeover of the Brewery, sought to return to the production of Jurand beer and regain the right to the Jurand Szczytno trademark, which it succeeded in 2018.

Revitalization of the Brewery has been planned, and a crowdfunding campaign has been put in place, thanks to which Jurand beer is now being poured here again, based on the original recipe. However, the plant offers much more, because it has invested in the production of strong craft liquors, including original vodkas, liqueurs and tinctures. The production of craft vodkas began in 2019. These enjoy excellent quality, but not only it affects the growing popularity. The balanced, noble taste of the liquors, short production batches, which are important for the uniqueness of the alcohol, or the use of natural ingredients and the benefits of knowledge passed down from generation to generation. All this makes Mazurska Manufaktura triumph again during its over 100-year activity, but it absolutely does not rest on its laurels. Cooperation with ambassadors allows for increased development and expansion of the offer to meet the expectations of the most demanding gourmets of high-proof spirits.

One of our main shareholders and ambassadors is Mak Szczesniewicz representing, which introduces high-end craft gin to the market.

Brewery in Szczytno - a historic brewery located at Adam Mickiewicz Street 5 in Szczytno.
Fryderyk Daum's new brewery was likely built starting in 1895 and finishing in 1898. The plant was situated on a site by the lake, near the junction of Bartna Strona and Königsbergstrasse, which is now Mickiewicza. (Beutnerstrasse).

A brewhouse, an ice house, and a fermentation room with lager under it were all included in the building's oldest section, which was situated on the side of the second street. The architect referred to the Gothic design while using historicizing aspects.

The brewery operated under the name Schlossbrauerei Ortelsburg (Browar Zamkowy Szczytno). In 1906, Fryderyk Daum handed over the management of the brewery to one of his sons, Walter (he managed it until his death in 1941).
Before 1939, the brewery produced about 75 hl of beer a year.

During the offensive of the Red Army in 1945, the brewery was damaged; the roofs over the warehouses and the boiler room burned down. In December 1946, the brewery became the property of the State Treasury, which was confirmed by the decision of the Minister of Agricultural and Food Industry from 1949.

Production was resumed in 1947, and from 1950 to Zakłady Piwowarskie in Olsztyn.In 1963, a boiler house was built in the brewery, in 1967 a new fermentation plant was built, in 1980 the beer bottling hall was rebuilt and a new production line purchased in Czechoslovakia was installed with a capacity of 18,000 m3. bottles per hour.

In the years 1950-1980, the brewery produced approx. 80 thousand. hl of beer annually and employed about 70 people. From 1965, the plant produced, among others, light beers of Warmia and Grunwaldzki, since 1979 Jurand beer. They were sold in the Olsztyn and Białystok provinces, and from 1975 in: Olsztyn, Łomża and Ostrołęka.
The brewery in Szczytno, together with the breweries in Olsztyn and Biskupiec, was part of the Browary Warmińsko-Mazurskie enterprise, which in 1991 was transformed into a company wholly owned by the State Treasury and privatized in 1992.In 1996, the brewery complex was entered into the register of monuments.

In 2001, Tarpan Fabryka Likierów, owned by the German distribution company Drinks & Food Vertriebs GmbH, launched the production of vodkas and liqueurs at the brewery. At the same time, beer production was stopped there for economic reasons.In 2016, the company was purchased by the Gromek family.

In 2019, the new owners established a joint-stock company under the name Mazurska Manufaktura, which in the same year started the production of vodka and kraft liqueurs in the brewery. In 2020, the company signed a contract for the purchase of a brewhouse at the German company Kaspar Schulz and plans to resume beer production at the brewery in 2021.